Barry Bliss

 Letter from Listener

 September 1st, 2013

 I got permission to copy and paste it, minus any info that would identify him/her.

"I must launch a bit of criticism about the last few times I have seen you perform in which you end up talking your songs rather than using your gift of a powerful singing voice. Your singing voice is your greatest asset. You do not even need a mic when you howl out your lyrics like back in the day. I feel sad when I see your show and you talk through most of the lyrics and hold back your voice's true potential. I used to cry at your shows sometimes, especially when you stepped back from the mic and let your voice shimmer. It was crying both from emotions of joy and sadness together. It was a powerful, beautiful thing." 

"Last night I was not moved to tears but was sad at not hearing your voice sing. You need to sing in my opinion. When you talk you just seem angry and it does not communicate something beyond the anger - it lacks the beauty in the anger if anger is the point of the song."

"I hope I am not too frank or harsh in my criticism, but I believe that what I am saying is true and I believe it would help you to achieve a goal of performing for a living. "