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All my songs are good. Hell, all my songs are great.
 Damned are those that dumb themselves down and live a life of hate.
                                                                      ----Barry Bliss

  My Life So Far

 Dear Diary, it's New Year's Eve, 2009
I'm about to leave this whole decade behind.
Of my life so far, here's a summary.
 I'll put it on my next recording entitled Becoming Free.
 My life's been pretty interesting so far.
 I've sung about it in some other songs.
 People that know me know I'm on a mission
to right my past wrongs
 I'm really into standing my ground, 
 even though I'm always tempted to run away.
 I may get shot or buried alive, but I'm going all out until that day.

 I was brought up in suburbia
 All my friends I knew were too.
 I was taught that haste makes waste
and i have found that to be true.
 Mom was 20 when she had me.
 Dad was 21.
 I called my mom's parents Twomom and Twodad
they took me to Disneyworld for vacation.
I was born in Virginia
then moved down to Florida 
 then I went back to Virginia
then over to California
then I moved to New York City
then I went down to Georgia
then I went back to New York City.
 When I get somewhere else I'll inform you.
 Got to high school in '79.
 Jeff Maisey turned me on to punk rock.
 I ran track and cross country.
 I guess in a way I was a jock.
 Mom had gotten involved with a married man
and there was drama periodically,
 but people have the right to live the best that they can
 they need no judgement from me.

 My relatives and I parted way.
 I won;t et into all of that here.
 Played in a band called the Thin Lads
 Did that year after year.
 Candy and I lived in the city
then moved to the country with some friends
 Then the whole thing broke apart and I left the state.
 I couldv'e stayed, I just didn't.

 Ended up a keyboard salesman
 even though I could hardly play.
 Returned to the state I was born in
 after getting a commison one day.
 Ended up living on a Christmas tree lot
I had a tent and a sleeping bag to.
 When that wa sover I hit the woods.
 Laid low and read a book or two.

 Got my food out of dumpsters for a while.
 Found all I needed. I never went hungry.
 Went to Hunt Club Produce and worked in the haunted forest.
 After October J.D. continued to employ me.
 I lived overtop of some animals.
 Heard Nirvana for the first time.
 Then I moved down the road to a campground.
 Lived in a trailer that I bought and customized.

 I cleaned pools there and saved some money.
 Stayed and worked the winter too.
 Lived that year without electricity.
 Used no heater,  but I made it through.
 Then I rode my bike up to Yogaville
 where I drove a tractor and meditated.
 Lived on the side of a mountain with a guy I met there.
 Talked on the phone to a woman I'd dated.

 This woman later changed her name to Clementine.
 She went west, and so did I.
 Worked for a guy named Blane who had Muscular Dystrophy,
 to say it ended well would be to lie.
 I just quit with no notice.
 It was the wrong thing to do.
 It left him stuck in a bad position
and it left me stuck in a bad one too.

 I spent time with Brian and Laurel.
 the soon changed their name to The Voyces.
 Laurel and I became lovers.
 All of us played a few showcases.
 They left the West and went to the East Coast.
 I followed close behind.
 they found the Sidewalk Cafe and they told me about it
and I went there myself in February of '99.

 Laurel and I didn;t hang out together anymore.
 I lived at the Hotel Riverview and sold balloons.
 Soon after that I met Diane.
 She was writing songs too.
 We played, worked, and grew together.
 We love each other still.
 The woman is like family,
 as is the Lord's will.
 Repeat chorus twice, the 2nd time putting in the towns, Portsmouth VA, Vero Beach FL, Norfolk VA, Berkeley CA, Stone Mountain GA.
Barry Bliss, Copyright 2009