Barry Bliss


 I have been experimenting with diet and physical/mental fitness since birth.

 I have eaten many different ways for extended periods of time, including Standard American Diet, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Food Vegan, Paleo, High-Dairy, Etc.

 Toured Europe as an opening act and toured the East Coast of the U.S. as a co-headliner.
 I run, lift, and stretch sometimes. Maybe I can help you. You can email me.
 Meditation experience, but hard to explain.
 Food prep. The way I like it.

 I have usually played for tips, regarding my musical performances, and have occasionally been paid cash when opening for others.
 You can ask me to play for free, but if there is not at least a tip jar being passed around it is insulting and I won't do it. To pass a tip jar costs nothing.
 Do not ask me to pay to play, and do not ask me to guarantee that a certain amount of people will attend my show. 
 A promise of a certain amount of cash would be nice, but I realize I am not very popular or famous.

 I cannot play outside of NYC for less than a substantial amount of money guaranteed.

 Kali Ma painting photo found on the non-spider web: