Barry Bliss


 In life, I have been middle-income, homeless, and low-income.
 I have experimented with diet my whole life. I was vegan for 16 years. I was a raw foodist for 16 months. Etc.
 I ran about 8,000 miles in High School, with a 5K time of 17:30 and a mile time of 4:50.
 I have studied meditation and yoga, mostly on my own.

 I toured the East Coast (USA) with Toby Goodshank, Major Matt Mason, and Bryan "Aardvark" Copeland.
 I toured, as the opening act, with Diane Cluck in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

 I have played around 100 shows at The Sidewalk Cafe in NYC. That is where I met the members of The Moldy Peaches, who asked me to be on the Rough Trade Antifolk Vol. 1 compilation album that they put together.

 I've release over 15 albums, some of which are not available, most of which are.